Great Plains Development, Inc. General Membership

Appointed By: Name:

Barber County                   Janet Smith

Barber County                   Bill Smith (Director)

Barton County                   Homer Kruckenberg

Barton County                   Open

City of Great Bend            Craig Neeland (Vice-President)

Clark County                      Howard Wideman

Clark County                      Diane Beebe

Comanche County             Randy Unruh

Comanche County             Terry Litwiller

Edwards County                Open

Edwards County                LaVerne Wetzel

Finney County                   Duane Drees (Director)

Finney County                   Martin Nusser

City of Garden City           Dan Fankhauser (President)

Ford County                       Open

Ford County                       Joann Knight

City of Dodge City             Gary Johnson (Sec./Treas.)

Grant County                     Josh Sullivan (Director)

Grant County                     Robert Dale

Gray County                       Open

Gray County                       Open

Greeley County                  Kirby Kleymann

Greeley County                  Christy Hopkins

Hamilton County              Casey Finlay

Hamilton County              John Simon

Haskell County                  Randy Froelich

Haskell County                  Carlyle Kiehne

Hodgeman County           Marsha Ewy (Director)

Hodgeman County           Lee Ann Seiler

Kearny County                  Shannon McCormick

Kearny County                  Ralph Goodnight

Kiowa County                    John Unruh

Kiowa County                    Chris Ballard

Lane County                      Curtis Hanna

Lane  County                     Julianne Bradstreet

Meade County                   Jerald Stinson

Meade County                   Open

Morton County                  J.D. Coen

Morton County                  Ron DeGarmo

Ness County                      Renee Kerr (Director)

Ness County                      Open

Pawnee County                 Gary Caplinger

Pawnee County                 Alex Lessard

Pratt County                      Joe Reynolds (Director)

Pratt County                      Dwight Adams

City of Pratt                        Open

Rush County                      Richard Luft

Rush County                      Brad Penka

Scott County                      Jerry Buxton

Scott County                       Katie Eisenhour

Seward County                    Ada Linenbroker

Seward County                    Jeff Parsons

City of Liberal                      Open

Stafford County                   Clayton Grimmett

Stafford County                   Carolyn Dunn

Stanton County                   Martie Floyd

Stanton County                   Karla Dimitt

Stevens County                   Tron Stegman

Stevens County                   Paula Rowden

Wichita County                   Steven Baker

Wichita County                   Robyn Tokoi