Economic Development Administration

What types of projects can EDA fund?
EDA provides direct grants, on a cost-share basis, for projects that will create and retain private-sector jobs and leverage public and private investment in distressed areas.

EDA provides community and regional economic development assistance for public works and development facilities to support industrial, commercial, and technology-based employment in eligible areas experiencing significant economic distress. These projects will diversify the local economy and improve conditions for sustained economic growth.

Examples include grants to improve or develop transportation facilities, water and sewer systems for industrial use, industrial parks and building, business incubators and technology training centers, telecommunications facilities and research parks.

How does EDA determine area eligibility?
EDA determines area eligibility for Public Works and Economic Adjustment grants based on the level of unemployment, per capita income, or special need. EDA uses the most recent 24 month period for which Federal data is available to make this determination.

Why does EDA require a preapplication?
The preapplication is used to make preliminary eligibility and grant rate determinations, and to evaluate the competitiveness of the proposed project. The preapplication allows communities to obtain a preliminary review by EDA before undertaking the development of a full application.

How is the preapplication developed?
You are encouraged to coordinate your project with local, State or Economic Development Districts that have jurisdiction over the project area.

Does EDA require a non-Federal share?
EDA generally requires a 50 percent match for grants. Examples of non-Federal sources include applicant contributions, State and local grants and loans, general obligation bonds, and other public and private contributions. In-kind contributions may include land, space, equipment, and other costs determined by EDA as eligible project costs.

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