CDBG-CI Grants

Community Development Block Grant
Community Improvement (CDBG-CI) Program
(GPDI’s Assistance in Packaging and Administration)

All incorporated cities or counties in Kansas that do not receive an annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) entitlement allocation from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are eligible to apply to the Kansas CDBG Program.

The application process for this program is lengthy and must be started five to six months prior to the application deadline.

  • Only Kansas cities and counties may apply.
  • Grants are available in five categories:  Community Facilities ($400,000 max.), Water/Sewer ($500,000 max.), Urgent Need ($400,000 max.), KAN STEP ($300,000 max.). In addition, these grants are capped at $2,000 per beneficiary. Housing ($400,000 maximum) is based on the number of units to be rehabilitated.
  • While dollar-for-dollar match is encouraged in the Community Facilities and Water/Sewer categories, match is less important or provided through alternative means with Housing and KAN STEP.
  • CDBG funds can be used for many different types of community projects. Examples include: Streets, water or sewer improvements, fire stations, community centers,  and housing rehabilitation. Ineligible projects are new housing development, city halls, courthouses, or police stations.
  • The project must meet one of three program goals: 1) benefit to low- and moderate-income households, 2) the elimination of slums and blight, 3) the elimination of urgent threats to health & safety.
  • Eligible areas: Entire GPDI service area.
  • Davis-Bacon applies to most Community Improvement projects.
  • Housing,  Water/Sewer and Community Facilities applications are due the end of August, September and October, respectively.
  • Urgent Need has rolling application periods. KAN STEP pre-applications are due in August.

Contact us at GPDI for more information.