TekVet Technologies, Garden City, KS

TekVet will produce and sell an RFID ear tag health monitoring system that an immediately identify a rise in temperature that is associated with many common illnesses, allowing the livestock operator to perform early, and with more success, treatment. The earlier an illness is treated, the more effective the treatment will be, thereby reducing livestock loss.

The real-time data from these readings is immediately made available to the customer through the TekAccess software that is available via a unique internet url address. The TekAccess software is both easy to use and very powerful, allowing the customer to monitor the health and identification of each animal in his herd quickly and conveniently.

Product will be manufactured in the Garden City facility. GPDI prepared applications for the City of Garden City CDBG/RLF for working capital. Fifty jobs will be produced the first year with up to 140 by year three.