GPDI News and Updates

  • D&R Parts, Spearville

    Russell and Debra Wood recognized the need for continuing a dependable vehicle parts store in Spearville. Although previous stores had operated there in the past, the Woods saw the opportunity to provide automotive, truck and machinery repair parts. GPDI prepared the … [Read More]

    Barber County Home Health, Medicine Lodge

    Providing home health care in a rural setting is a vital service, particularly when long distances are involved. Walter and Lynette Morris recognized this and with their extensive experience from running an existing home health agency in another location, they¬†purchased … [Read More]

    Dolly’s Diner, Haviland

    This unique restaurant in the downtown business district of Haviland offers a varied menu along with homemade desserts. A nice addition to the downtown, Dolly's Diner has family fare available all week and weekend. Funds were used from the Kiowa County Rural Business … [Read More]

    TekVet Technologies, Garden City, KS

    TekVet will produce and sell an RFID ear tag health monitoring system that an immediately identify a rise in temperature that is associated with many common illnesses, allowing the livestock operator to perform early, and with more success, treatment. The earlier an … [Read More]

    El Charro, Dodge City, KS

    The original El Charro Restaurant was opened in 1981. There have been three locations, each growing in size as the years went by. Catherine and Byron Rincon re-opened the locally-famous restaurant to provide traditional Mexican cusine that Dodge City has been enjoying … [Read More]